Hey guys, I'm a first time poster so please forgive the 'newbie' in me.
I have a site that has about 300 workstations. Periodically, through-out the day, some random machines will display a "no tree or server found" when the users attempt to log in. This error takes about a minute or 2 to appear after they enter their password. I can correct the issue by 1) signing in as a local administrator - then making some arbitrary change to the novel client, then log-off and then I can log in and will not receive the log in issue again for some time. Or 2) I can simply wait a period of time and the machine will allow users to log in again...typically this is several hours. I ran a lan capture on a workstation that was having the issue and what I saw was this: After entering their password, the machine queries the tree in DNS, then I get a long list of SRVLOC's that read "scope list not supported (4)". On the same machine without making any change or rebooting or anything - I am eventually able to log in successfully (after several hours) and the capture reads: After entering in the password, the machine queries DNS for the server name, receives a response and then LDAP kicks off and I am logging in. So basically, what I have seen is - if the machine queries DNS for the server name at log in then their will be successful ldap authentication but if the machine queries DNS for the tree then their will be failure.
I feel that this is a client configuration issue but I could be wrong. Why doesn't the workstation always query for the server name at log in? Why would a simple Novell client change make the machine query the server name again? Help!! This is causing me to have bad thoughts!