Hi all,

have a issu with a bundle that's launch a exe file on windows xp.
The exe file itself launch fine but when you use the application and wants to open a pdf file from it you got a error stating that "*undefined promt", i quess thats a error message from the application. Don't know if it's matters but the open pdf part i realy a imap client routine that picking up the pdf fiel from a imap server. It dosn't have anything to do with Acrobate Reader (we have tried other pdf viewers allso). The pdf file never gets downloaded from the server as far as I can see.
The launch action itselft i a pointer to the exe file and we are running it as logged in user, who is a member in the administrators group.
If we do the same thing manually (launching the exe file with in windows) it works as expected.
So my question is more if it's any differance launchin exe files from zenworks than doing it by hand from windows XP.

Zenworks agent 11.2.3a.