Hi, I am experiencing a most peculiar problem, I'm unable to configure my VPN connection properly with Zenworks 11.1 installed on a computer running Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 64-bit.

Specifically I'm trying to use the option "user default gateway on remote connection" on my VPN connection (VPN Connection - Properties - Networking - Ipv4 - Properties - Advanced - IP Settings).

I need to be able to use this option since i need access to a license server outside of our network. Connections to this server are allowed only if they come from within our network, hence the need for VPN.

I cannot get this to work with the Zenworks Adaptive Agent installed. I'm able to connect to my VPN connection, but once connected all network traffic seems to be blocked somehow. DNS resolving works but I'm unable to ping or "tracert" anything other that the host itself so this would indicate that there is some kind of problem with the gateway. If I uninstall Zenworks the problem dissapears and if I reinstall Zenworks the same problem reappears. It does not matter if the computer is imported to our Zenworks server or not. "ipconfig -all" gives the same info whether Zenworks is installed or not and there is nothing suspicious to be found by examining the routing tables (route print) as far as I can tell.

Do you have any advice?
Have anyone else experienced unexplainable network problems that were "solved" by removing Zenowrks Adaptive Agent?