When our students login to our Windows 7 machines they are getting this error:

The Group Policy Client Service Failed The Logon
Access is denied.

We are attempting to use both volatile and roaming profiles. The profiles are being stored on their H drives. I seem to only see the issue when the Windows NT 6.1 Workstation Profile.V2 folder already exists on their H drive. If the profile is not there then everything works fine.

Loading the user's ntuser.dat hive located in their H drive and changing the permissions manually to allow System, Administrators, and Users Full Control fixes the issue. How can I do this across all my user's H drives? Should I just delete them all and manually create the folder myself?

Last time I found one, the permissions for the hive had an "Unknown" user in the permissions list. There was no "Users" group. Removing the "Unknown" and adding "Users" fixed the problem. Are the permissions getting corrupted somehow?

Thanks for any assistance.

I've used the following link for reference:
Support | Windows 7 Roaming Profiles fail - user is assigned a temporary profile or fails to log on
Novell Doc: ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Policy Management Reference - Assigning a Roaming Profile Policy that has the User Profile Stored on a Home Directory