Hello, I am trying to fix evolution-groupwise bug.

Bug description:
When you create appointment in Evolution (User1), Evolution can't get appointment status from Gropwise server (recipient accepted or declined appointment).

I dumped Network traffic beetween Evolution and Groupwise POI (tested with gw 12.0.0-98586 and 8.0.2-91941).
Tested versions of Evolution were 2.28.2-0.30.1 (from SLED 11 SP3) and open-source Evolution 3.1 (from OpenSUSE 12.2).

Evolution asks for changes with getQuickMessages (two call with "New" and "Modified" options) and with getDeltaInfo methods. And after accepting or declining the appointment with WebAccess (by User2), Groupwise always answers to Evolution request that there are neigther new or modified items. And after Evolution shows in appointment status User2:"Need user action".

WebAccess uses another way to get notifications, it uses getItems method, and it works in correct way.
Appointment in netowrk traffic has tracking="all" option in sendoptions element.

Are methods getQuickMessages and getDeltaInfo acceptable for tracking status of appointments (accepted, declined and etc)?

P.S>The code of the evolution-groupwise plugin is rather old. But I suppose it worked correctly at the time of creation of this plugin, because tracking the appointents status is a very basic function.