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Thread: Users Volume / H Drive Disconnecting

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    Users Volume / H Drive Disconnecting

    Client: Windows XP
    Server OES 11 SP1 (SLES 11 SP2) NSS Volumes with CIFS as well.

    Windows XP fully updated with Novell 4.91 SP5 IR2 client (Same problem with earlier version of the client)

    User Logins
    Maps 3 Network Drives to the same server on 2 different volumes
    L:\ (Data Volume with sub Directory)
    H:\ (Users Volume)
    G:\ (Data Volume with sub Directory)

    Client works throughout the day.

    The connection to the H:\ Drive is Broken / Lost. However the L:\ & G:\ are fine...no issues. I can try to browse the H-Drive but get a "Not Available" message. If I try a manual login over the top using the systray Novell Login, I cannot remap the H:\ Drive, however the other drives remap just fine. If I go to the "Connections" window using the systray and do a disconnect on the server / tree I can then manually log in and everything is fine. The same thing happens by logging off so it works as well.....

    Any Ideas? NSS?
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