Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this, there is no GroupWise 2014/Windermere discussion board that I see, so this seems the next most logical place to post this.

Intentionally inflammatory title aside, it boggles my mind that Novell appears to be on the verge of releasing its second major release of Groupwise with no supported Linux or Mac client.

Where I work, most of the decision makers are using Macs. We've been defending GroupWise for a long time because it does a lot of thing way better than the competition. However, I'm starting to think it's time to worry more about my future in defending a product that almost seems to be hoping for a loss of market share.
"Here most end users, this is how GroupWise integrates with Vibe.. this is really neat, isn't it?"
"Whoa there executives, the version of client available for your computer doesn't do anything of this, so please look away."
"... but please don't sell GroupWise out for Exchange/Office365 or GMail because GroupWise has a lot of great features that they don't (some of which you can't use because your client isn't new enough)"

Granted, we are educational, so we get cheap pricing and are fairly small, and maybe a loss of us as GroupWise users wouldn't really hurt Novell's bottom line.