For some reason, few users are not able to move entries between folders. On clicking the "Move" action, the Move Entry window shows up. The "Find the Destination Folder" text input field is present, and the lookup works too and shows up any folder name that I enter, but clicking on OK button to submit does not move the entry. Also, strangely, the "Select the Destination Folder or Workspace" along with the workspace tree is not visible at all. This happens for a few users and not all. The users in question are team members of the workspace and the individual folders as well. However, other team members of the same workspace have no issues at all.
A while back, I have changed few permission settings, zone administrations settings and role types as well. Reverted back all changes, but the problem doesnt seem to go away. I feel it is somehow persisting in some form (database or any temp files, etc.). Also, I am not sure whether the issue started happening after I played with the settings, because I started to notice it recently.
On my part, I have tried to analyze it in details and noticed that for the particular users in question, the bean "ssWsDomTree" is empty, as a result, the "Select the Destination Folder or Workspace" section is not appearing for them. Also, in the ModifyEntryController.java, the line "Long destinationId = TreeHelper.getSelectedId(formData); " sets null value for destinationId, as a result, the moveEntry operation is not taking place.
I will highly appreciate any help on this matter. Please let me know if I could be more clear in any areas of my query.
Thank You.