I am trying to move a GroupWise post office and domain from a OES2 box running on a NSS volume, to a new OES11 box placing it on a EXT3 file system. I planned to use ncpmount to mount the NSS volume to the new OES11 box and then use dbcopy to copy it over. Well the mount went fine, but you can only see the SYS volume on the OES2 box. It doesn't show the NSS volume. I have used this many times when moving GW services from NetWare to OES, but first time doing it from OES2 to OES11. Is there another way to mount the NSS file system on the OES2 side presenting it to the OES11 box? Sorry if I am posting this is wrong thread. Wasn't sure if I should post this under OES or GroupWise.