We have an app on our iPads called PDF Expert that we use for PDF
markup. It makes a webdav connection to our network using NetStorage.
I have also setup Filr for our users. It is a small deployment with
12 GB and 2 vCPUs. I've noticed two issues...

* speed - Users can browse our network much faster with PDF Expert
than with Filr. Selecting a folder in PDF Expert instantly displays
the sub-folders and/or files, while Filr has to pause and think.

* file size - We can open large PDF files directly from the server in
PDF Expert without a problem. But if we try to open them in Filr and
send them to PDF Expert it takes much longer and/or crashes.

Are there any tweaks or tuning that I can do to Filr to improve this
or do I need to wait for improvements from Novell?