Hi All,

I am about to start moving a single Vibe server from Windows to SLES, with minimal disruption and mostly during business hours. So I would appreciate your thoughts on my plan and experiences/advice. My plan is basically to as follows:-

1. create a new the new sles server,
2. mount the current filestore as a mount point,
3. install vibe and point it at the existing mysql db on Windows, and the mountpoint of the windows file store.
4. Create a new DNS entry for testing (aka Vibetemp etc),
5. Do testing
5. Install MYSQL ready for DB relocation.

Then after hours
6. Relocate DB
7. Remove filestore mountpoint and create new linux volume as mountpoint, relocate data
8. Change Vibe DNS entry to point at new server.
9. Restart and test operation.

Also looking to vanish IIS because it is a P.O.S! So I am also looking for any thoughts how to accomplish SSO auto-authentication without IIS/NTLM? We are using Vibe as Intranet, so users are in/out of Vibe all day, and they do not want to authenticate every time they open a new browser session. We are trying to vanish as many Windows servers as practical and as much 'only works with MS junk' as possible.

Mark Currie