I am starting to get users that are upgrading to Internet Explorer 11.

I had this same problem in previous versions and was able to for IE8Emulation in the meta header for Web Access.

In IE 11, the IE8Emulation no longer resolves the issue. For giggles, I switched the server X-UA-Compatibility string to IE7Emulation. Problem still persists.

My email server is mail.rushville.k12.in.us. I can manually add this to the compatibility view list on a client and the problem goes away. However, I am dealing with hundreds of end users who expect this to "just work." Also, IE truncates the address to "k12.in.us" which really stinks because it breaks other websites that don't need compatibility mode. The "broken page" icon that used to be present in the URL bar also is gone.

Should I just upgrade and be done with it? Can anyone confirm or deny that this is an issue on GW2012?