I am having an issue on NSS volumes, currently running OES11SP1
SLES11SP2, fully patched. If a file get orphaned from the workstation,
i.e., laptop undocks with a MS Word document open, it leaves a .tmp file
behind on the NSS volume. If I attempt to delete the file from a
workstation through explorer, the file disappears until you hit refresh,
then the file reappears. The file can be deleted through NORM and
through a putty session, but I do not care to have our help desk doing
that, needless to say it would be nice to have a user being able to
delete his own files.

I have increased verbosity on NSS logging and attempted to delete the
file from the workstation, nothing gets reported in the log file for the
deletion. There must be a process that runs over night, if I repeat the
process in the morning, I can delete the file through the workstation in
explorer and the correct entry shows in the logs as well.

This does not just affect MS documents, I can recreate the issue with
any file that creates a temporary file on the NSS share. This does not
happen on NCP shares or on MS share.

Any help would be appreciated.