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Thread: Replace old server (NW5.1) instead of upgrading-migrating ?

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    Replace old server (NW5.1) instead of upgrading-migrating ?

    I have a small, mixed environment. Currently, one tree, 3 servers: 1: NW6.5SP8/OES, 2 & 3 : NW5.1 SP8

    In the near (-immediate) future, I'm upgrading the NW5x servers (definitely), and possibly later the NW6.5/OES server to OES11.

    One of the NW5.1 servers is being replaced - I'm trying to use OES 11 ( from the SLES+OES overlay disk) .
    I need -nothing- other than the server name/id and IP address of the old machine. No data, no users.

    I've cleaned up the old server ( say #2) - removing all file partitions except SYS, and all users except Admins. Old stuff like print queues, etc as well, using C1.
    New migration server is set up per Novell docs, as a migration target, on same subnet, in same tree. --also on brand new hardware.

    The migration tool ( set to migrate server ID) hangs on checking eDir; (not exact) ' source server is using eDir 8, which is not supported. Migration project will now terminate.'
    Can I ( easily) remove the old server from my tree, and just install the OES11 server with the same name & IP address?
    What can I do to avoid confusing/corrupting the eDir replica ring while I do this?

    Or - as I suspect I will need to do for the other old NW5.1 ( #3)... do I need to make incremental upgrades - say to NW6.5SP8 first ?
    On that server, I will need to preserve users, groups, and file systems when I move it to the new hardware 'home'.

    Thankfully, the only uses on these two old boxen are file access and user authentication.

    for detail;
    Server #1, NW6.5 SP8 / OES (master replica): server version: 5.70.08, eDir SMP, NDS 10554.34, DS.nlm 10554.34, DSRepair 10551.81
    Server #2, NW5.1 SP8, (moving name/id only to new hardware): currently server 5.00.11, eDir ( *, NDS 8.85c, DS.nlm 8.85c, DSRepair 10550.86
    Server #3, NW5.1 SP8 (planning move of all users & file systems): server 5.00.11, eDir ( *, NDS 8.85c, DS.nlm 8.85c, DSRepair 10250.42

    * eDir versions not directly given in DSRepair tool, instead I used TID Support | Table of eDirectory versions , and the stated version of DSRepair.

    Both servers #2 and #3 are old and ornery; I treat #3 like an old, nasty cat - and only give it _careful_ attention when needed.

    For now, please let me know what shortcuts / - pro/con about just killing the old server #2 and replacing it with a brand new hardware-software clean slate?
    I'll ask for more help ( or pay a consultant if needed) when that time comes for the others.

    Thanks for reading, and for any advice.
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