wenn I use Chroem (Last version) and open the Https loginpage from my Server. Chrome give me not the green Https only the grey one.
Checking the https stauts shows this "error"
Your Connection to filr.xyz.com is encrypted with 256-bit encryption. However, this page includes other resources whitch are not secure.
These resources can be viewed by others while in transit, and can be modified by an attacker to change the behavior of the page.
The Connection uses TLS 1.0
The connection is encrypted using Cammilla_256_cbc, with SHA1 for message authentication and DHE_RSA as the kex exchange mechanism.
The connection does not use SSL compression.

Now i think that apache can use TLS 1.2 wy can't his the default !
Is there a way to cange this in filr's Apache Server ?

PS: My cert's are ok and Verified by chrome !