Am ready to move forward with our ZCM 11 project (can you believe it, we are still on Zen 7!). What is the recommended procedure and proper order for getting a Primary server up and running without any major problems? I understand that the original ZCM 11 sp2 installation does not work on SLES 11 sp2. Should I therefore start with installing it on SLES 11 sp1? We are not a huge system - just 3 sites with approx. 100 workstations. Was figuring on just having a single Primary server at the main site (we do have 40-50Mbs WAN links). Would actually like to set this up under ESXi 5.1 but apparently that is a no go until ZCM 11 sp3 is released next year. So, we can go bare-metal install and I was thinking single QC CPU, 14GB RAM and 250GB disk storage. Will ultimately use Patch Management as well but that is it. So, would this be the order of things:

1. Install SLES 11 sp1 server
2. Install ZCM 11 sp2 original shipping code and create Zenworks Zone
3. Upgrade ZCM 11 sp2 to version 11.2.3 or 11.2.4?
4. Update SLES 11 to sp2

Will this work or are there other recommendations to make this happen with a minimum number of problems? Thanks