I have some problems to get DHCP Service running in a Cluster Evironment (OES11 SP1, NSS Volume). The Ressource is up and running, but the DHCP Service wont load.

LDAPS session successfully enabled to
Error: Cannot find LDAP entry matching (&(objectClass=dhcpServer)(cn=DHCP_CLUSTER-DNSDHCP-SERVER))
Configuration file errors encountered -- exiting

The standard command rcnovell-dhcp start did work. So it looks like the rights or seomthing else is missing on the cluster volume /media/nssDHCP...

Maybe I am misunderstanding the doc as well. It states in the DHCP Linux Guide:

8.3.3. hot wo use a different user - it states that it would use the dhcpd user , but no such user was created. Do I need to create it manually?

Thanks for your help!

Regards Jrgen