I have a large FILR 1.0.1 install in place and we ordered a officially signed certificate for our server from Verisign, but Im having problems installing the cert.
I followed the instruction in the manual:

And after rebooting I used a service from symantec (https://ssltools.websecurity.symante.../certCheck.jsp) to check if the installation was good but it reports 2 errors.
You can go in to the SSL-checker on the link above and type in our hostname filr.tirma.se to see the errors.

I have talked to Symantec about this and they were quite helpful but after looking around in the filr box through the console (as root) they determined that out system is not configured to run SSL and that is has to be setup to do this before we can get things working...

Linux is not my main expertise so Im a bit lost on where to go from here, maybe some of you guys can help ?