I'm having a terrible time here trying to get AirServer to activate. I can't get it to work using a Launch Executable action. I've given up on that idea and created a batch file to do it which is copied to the local C:\Temp folder. Here's the contents of the batch file.

@echo off
echo Activating AirServer
"C:\Program Files (x86)\App Dynamic\AirServer\AirServerConsole.exe" activate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
"C:\Program Files (x86)\App Dynamic\AirServer\AirServerConsole.exe" activate everyone

This works perfectly if I right click on the the batch file from windows explorer and run as administrator but if I run it from a bundle launch executable action with dynamic administrator turned on it doesn't work.

What is the difference if any between the two?

Maybe it's caused by the dynamic administrator not being able to reach the internet (I don't know how to test this) to make the activation? I would have though it would just use the local internet settings?