Hi there, i hope some one can help me out.

We have two zcm 11 servers, i managed to update one server from 11.2.3 to 11.2.3a and then applied the last update 11.2.4. all went well.

But our other server stopped at 93% of update 11.2.3a so i stopped the update, my guess is that it was stuck for months at that percentage i do not look at the server console for updates very much it was deu to a other problem i came across this problem.

I have tryed to apply update again 11.2.3a but it did not change its status and also try'd to install update 11.2.4 again but with both updates the status is not changing it stays at "Update assigned"

Did anybody experience the same problem and maybe can share the solution?

Thanks for your time.

Kees van Heuven