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Thread: imaging driver update Oct 2013 for 11.2.3a

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    imaging driver update Oct 2013 for 11.2.3a

    I haven't taken the 11.2.4 plunge yet and am instead waiting for the next 11.3 release.

    that being said, I was troubleshooting an issue with some machine not getting the proper driver for its NIC, so I figured I'd manually update the drivers.

    I followed the instructions and copied all the content over to the right directories, and then copied over the newest tntfs.ko driver referenced by the NTFSDriver.conf file (the md5 matches)

    I started the replication for the tntfs,ko driver to all our satellite sites and once finished, I made some minor adjustments to my /srv/tftp directory to reflect some scripts, and then started the TFTP folder replication.

    I've done this several times in the last couple years, and it's always run.

    We run 2 primary servers, 1 reporting server and 1 Ms SQL database server

    We also run 32 satellite servers, each with inventory and imaging roles. All servers except for the MS one are built on SLES 11 SP3

    All our clients connect without any issues, but when I attempt to download the base image (built with the tntfs.ko driver) it tells me that I have encountered a bad control data error.

    I knew what this was almost immediately and ran a md5sum against the sat servers /srv/tftp/tntfs.ko driver. They had the old version!

    I turn off the following three services:


    Then I remove the old .KO driver and manually copy the new one.

    If I start each of my services back up, I can then pull down the imaging engine on the client, and I can image correctly.

    If I reboot the satellite server, however, I'm back to square 1 and the old tntfs.ko driver is back on the server.

    I've validated that no machine other than the client machine is booted into PXE

    I have validated on the client workstations that they are indeed copying the old .KO driver down instead of the new one.

    If I run a replicate on either the tntfs.ko and/or TFTP replication under zcc. they both always tell me that things are 'available' and in sync.

    I really don't know how else to proceed. I've copied this new .ko driver several times now with different approaches and sometimes I might get it to work, most times it fails.

    Any help please!?

    The irony is that we just had a week long training with Richard Hanley (he says hi to Pond hehe) so I know my steps are accurate lol

    Thanks to anyone with any insight.
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