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Thread: Net folders have no contents

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    Exclamation Net folders have no contents

    I'm trying to set up some net folders on our new Filr installation. When I try to view them (as admin) they appear to be empty, prompting me to create subfolders etc, when of course they are not.

    The Filr proxy user has full permissions, both share and NTFS, to everything it should require. Users and security groups are imported from AD and all seem to have been populated correctly. The folders are not indexing (I don't want them to, we already have a search server) but they do appear to sync without any obvious error.

    I also have a problem with no users other than the admin one being able to view any of the folders, despite the fact that the security groups are listed as having access privileges and appear to contain the correct users, but that will only become relevant once my first problem has been solved. There's not much to view at the moment!

    I would appreciate any help anyone can offer.
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