Hoping this is the most appropriate forum or close enough. For better or worse, we're using Remote Desktop with our Cisco ASA for VPN purposes. Not having any real issues with it until we deployed our Windows 7 workstation environment. Even then, everything is connecting appropriately until the VPN user establishes his/her RDP session with their desktop. All is well, except they're not fully authenticated/attaching to our eDir services once the RDP session is in effect.

It seems they're simply in a "Computer Only Logon" (formerly Workstation Only in XP) mode, and not achieving "Novell Logon" from the Windows 7 Client. They can subsequently manually login to eDir services. Is there a way to control this logon mode prior to/as they establish their RDP session? The older XP and Cisco VPN clients used to allow their choice, but the Windows 7 and latest Cisco VPN clients don't seem to.