I have a 6.5.8 small business server which as a result of several calamaties, had to be rebuilt from a down server. As a result, edirectory was upgraded from 8.7.3 to 8.8.4 (after patching w/ sp8). No post sp8 patches have been installed.

When booting, embox is unresolved with 3 unresolved symbols.

Here is the logger screen when embox attempts to load.

Loading module EMBOX.NLM
eDirectory Management Tool Box Engine
Version 10554.29 May 15, 2007
Copyright 2001-2007 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. Patents Pending.
SERVER-5.70-918: Loader cannot find public symbol: XIS11@?bridgeXisRIOStream_wri
te%%YAXPAVXisObject%%J%Z for module EMBOX.NLM
SERVER-5.70-918: Loader cannot find public symbol: XIS11@?bridgeXisRIOStream_rea
dInt%%YAJPAVXisObject%%%Z for module EMBOX.NLM
SERVER-5.70-918: Loader cannot find public symbol: XIS11@?bridgeXisRDOMElement_g
etInteger%%YAJPAVXisObject%%%Z for module EMBOX.NLM
Error processing External Records.
Module EMBOX.NLM NOT loaded
Module EMBOX.NLM load status UNRESOLVED

Additionally, the products.dat file shows embox as version 87.3.0 and ldap as 87.3.9, while edirectory and ndsb are both 8.8.4.

I believe the embox.nlm module which is attempting to load is an 8.7.3 version. The module of XIS11 is v 1.00.03, dated Sep 30, 2008. I believe this to be an 8.8.4 version.

Nldap.nlm is loaded on the system and appears to be an 8.8.4 version, even though the products.dat file shows it to be version 87.3.9. It is version v20217.05 dated 11/11/08.

How can I resolve this issue? I can see 3 possibilities, 1)deleting the products & reinstalling them, 2) leaving them as version 87.3.x in the products.dat file and just putting in a new embox.nlm or 3) putting in the post sp8 patches which may resolve the issue by overlaying the current nlms?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.