NetWare 6.5.8
GroupWise 8.0.2

The cluster already has two nodes and I'm trying to add two more. This cluster has been up and running without incident for several years.
The existing cluster contains two GW virtual servers, GWIA and GWPOST. The first hosts an MTA and GWIA, and the second hosts and MTA and PO. I have installed the GW agents on the new nodes by using the standard installation program and selecting the "install agents only" option so none of the configuration files were modified.

Once that was done I copied the .POA .MTA and gwia.cfg files from the existing nodes' SYSTEM directory to the new nodes.
Despite this, I'm getting the error message "Error executing load script for GWIA_SERVER failed on command line 6 'load address space=gwia-add sys:system\gwmta @cldom.mta'"

I'm getting basically the same message on the GWPOST virtual server as well. In no case am I loading both GW virtual servers onto the same node.

My GWIA virtual server load script follows:
nss /poolactivate=GWIA
mount GWIA VOLID=248
add secondary ipaddress

load address space=gwia-add sys:system\gwmta @cldom.mta
delay 5
load address space=gwia-add sys:system\gwia @gwia.cfg
protection restart gwia-add

I could use any assistance you could provide.