Good day,

I was just told of a new issue with Windows 7 GW web access users.

Basically they are seeing the following error:

"Invalid or missing cookie(s). Your administrator requires that cookies be used to secure your session. Please contact your administrator if you need further assistance."

This was not happening on Windows XP systems, and has now come to light with their recent migration/upgrade of desktops from XP to Windows 7.

I did find an old forum posting from 2003 which mentioned the following, "I had this issue and just fixed it.

Go to the GroupWiseWebAccess object and Under Application > Security
uncheck the 'Use client ip in securing sessions' box. Restart webacces
and it now works.

I believe this setting has the same effect as the
'Security.UseClientIP.enable=false' you have to set for GW 6."

Could this be the same occurrence?

Thank you,