I have a couple of users with iPhones that selected their personal address book (which is usually the user's name) as the default address book/contact list on their iPhones. They did this so that any contacts they add on their iPhone will get added to their personal address book instead of getting added to "Frequent Contacts". They do this by unchecking "All Contacts" and "Frequent Contacts" and leaving their personal address book checked. When I applied a patch (related to TID 7014108) to our DataSync server, these users that have selected their Personal Address books as their default contact on their iPhones reported that this setting was reset to having "All Contacts", "Frequent Contacts", and their personal address book all checked/selected again. They say that this happened also when we upgraded to 1.2.5 Build 299. We will try to observe if this happens again when we need to do another upgrade or install another patch. I just wanted to find out if others are seeing the same behavior and want to know if this is expected behavior or not.