Anyone run into a situation where you can't create an SSL Cert (eg SSL CertificateIP) using either C1 or PKIDiag?
Both return PKI errors: 49,168 (C1) or 49168 (Pkidiag). I can't find any reference to that code!

I have deleted and recreated the Security container, Certificate Authority, KAP, W0 all with no improvement.
Run SDIDiag with all the options, ensured the host server is trustee on all the above bits.
Also uninstalled and reinstalled Certificate Server software from NW65ProdSP8 CD
iManager doesn't help as Apache's not happy.

It's a 1-server (NW6.5 SP8), 2-user server and I'd just like some encryption on their Webaccess or POP3. Funny thing is, NoRM has a cached cert so it works encrypted, but there's no certs in the Tree (which is actually more like a shrub)

Any other tips from you veterans out there?
Any insiders who may know what the error message means?

Thanks as always for any help.