I am currently testing whether Filr can replace our iFolder or not, until now we use iFolder for our laptop users to "backup" some of their local folders (desktop, favorites, my documents).
We would like that Filr could replace iFolder but at the moment I am facing to some issues:

a) unacceptable synchronisation delays as our users have much more than 1000 local files (optimum performance)
b) some of the files get never synchronized due to "special" chars (UTF8 issue??)
c) some other files get checksum errors.

So imo at this stadium is Filr not a real contender for iFolder, the question is when??

Can we quickly fix such issues? What is your experience with this?

Our version of the desktop application is the 1.0.1(18125)
The Filr Appliance is at 1.0.459

Thanks in advance,

Ricard Malvesi