Because Zen is quite a vital part of our network I have been thinking about ways to speed up recovery in a disaster (up to the whole building burning down as there is no point in having desktop management when you don't have any desktops left )
We're hovering around 200 desktops on a single network and the server that hosts ZCM is a bit of a beast so performance is not really an issue, I do however have a 2nd identical server lying around with no current purpose.
I know it is not possible to mirror the sybase DB but if I install a 2nd primary server, would it be possible to restore the DB on that 2nd server in case of the first primary (and db host) failing ?
All the bundles and zone information would already be present on this secondary server which would save on having to restore all of that on a clean install.

Any thoughts ?

MSSQL and Oracle are a bit too expensive to start clustering that or I would have considered it. MySQL support would have been nice :-)