System: Filr 1.0.1 with OES2 SP3 file servers and clustered NSS pools

Given the following situation I do find an unexpected result:
After importing users and groups from eDirectory I define a Net Folder
Server for one of our clustered NSS volumes. Access is through NCP
obviously and the Filr proxy user is given RF trustees on the volume.
A first Net Folder is defined on this Net Folder Server with access
rights for an eDirectory group. This works fine as users within this
group can see and browse this folder depending on their trustee settings
on folders and files.
Now I define a second Net Folder on a subdirectory of the same Net
Folder Server/NSS volume. Access rights are granted for a single user or
group. My intention is to offer this user a second Net Folder with
direct access to a project folder. This is what we do all the time with
NCP mappings.
Now comes the part that is puzzling to me: the second Net Folder will
not show up as the user logs in to Filr with the web interface, Filr
Client or through WebDAV. Is this a bug or does this work as intended?
Will it be not allowed to define a second Net Folder which is based on a
subdirectory of an existing one?