Hi All,

just wondering if anyone else is seeing the same issues I am.

I have a ZENworks Zone with 3 Primaries and 3 Satellites all on SLES11 SP2 x64 with an Oracle DB. Recently upgraded from 11.2.3.a to 11.2.4.

Hopefully the Decryption issue is now resolved. At the moment it's too early to say. But unfortunatly I have issues now with Encryption!

First issue is that on newly installed devices with the 11.2.4 Agent once the FDE Policy is assigned it creates a partition for the Linux OS for PBA purposes I believe. However the partition has a smaller size than what is required.

e.g. The policy creates a 83MB unassigned partition and afterwards formats it with Linux to 87MB (dont ask me how that works!!). The ZFDE About Box is then requesting a reboot. But no matter how many times you reboot, the policy never completes and the disk never encrypts.

I noticed in the FDE Logs on the C: drive that it was having issues reading the partition. And when I checked Windows Disk Management I saw the sizes mentioned above. I then checked against a working laptop and noticed that the Partition was 94MB formatted with Linux. I went back to the not working system and resized the partition manually. To do that I first had to remove it, shrink the C: drive by a further 20MB to give a total unassigned partition of about 100MB. After a reboot the policy created the Linux part again, this time with 94MB and the rest of the policy completed and the drive encrypted. Actually I noticed this issue after we upgraded to 11.2.4 but was still installing the 11.2.3a agent during imaging. Thinking the 11.2.4 Agent would resolve the issue, I placed it in the image but it made no difference. It doesn't seem to be HW related either as it happens on different devices. All DELL's.

The second problem we just discovered today. Once the policy has succssfully applied and the drive has encrypted, it would seem that the device creates many ERI File entries. I have one device with 69 entries and another with 141 entries. Which just isn't normal!

I have an SR open for both. The first is open for a few days but a resolution isn't in sight yet. And for the second one I have just opened it.

If any Novell'ies read this please check into my SR's. They are # 10868423071 and # 10869891431