I've been working with a single user who is having a problem accepting appointments. I have sat down and been through the process with the user and as far as I can tell the user is doing nothing wrong, but I had someone on NGW list give me a tip for something similar (that I'll get to shortly) but it doesn't appear to have worked for me.

When this user accepts an appointment, the appointment will show up in her calendar and then at a random interval which can be nearly instantly to up to about 15 minutes later the appointment vanishes from her calendar. This most often happens with appointments sent from other systems. The external appointment sender will receive the confirmation message of the appointment, then the declined message, and I can go into the user's trash and undelete the appointment and once it restores the appointment stays resident. I did run GWCheck on the user and everything checks out normal, no errors.

Now, the person that replied to my NGW list had asked if the user used Datasync Mobility, which she does, and advised that in his instance that there was an issue with a user that had an iPhone that was behaving similarly. He had to remove the iPhone from sync, remove the user from datasync, move the user to a new PO, then reconnect the user and everything worked just fine. I only have a small organization with a single PO so I can't do everything, but I did delete and recreate the user in Datasync as well as the connections on their devices (an iPad and Android phone) and we're still seeing the same issue.

I did also reconnect devices one at a time and sent lots of test appointments from Gmail since that is the only other system that I have access to and connected each device one at a time, and I did not experience the issue so I don't know if it has something to do with the source mail system as well.

Has anyone else run into something similar and have any pointers?