We are in the process of migration our XP/Zen7 fleet to Windows 7/ZCM and use a number of thin client rdp nal icons. Under Zen7 the nal icon displyed the rdp window in "Window Mode" and not full screen
and this seemed to emulate the native smart sizing behavior available in RDP files. Under ZCM we either get the choice of creating a bundle with the full screen option or a fixed screen reolution.
Full screen displays the terminal server ribbon and does not allow users to alt-tab to other open windows and setting a fixed resolution can be an issue because in some departments we have different screens on pcs--eg 19 inch square
and 22 inch wide so the fixed resolution works on one screen size but not others. I have logged an improvement request but I think it will take a while and we are finding more and more unhappy end users.
It would be good to see the ZEn7 thin client behavior or smart sizing available under ZCM--we are running 11.2.3 MU1.
Also under Zen7 you were able to get to the xml to modify some options not displayed in the gui--Is this available under ZCM possibly through zman betf