we have a OES2 2-node cluster here (linux). So far each server has 1
local RAID for the OS, the volumes for the cluster resources are placed
on a SAN. There are several NSS volumes and one ext3 volume on this SAN,
as well as the SBD partition.

Currently the local volume is named sda, the SBD partition is named sdb
and the cluster resource volumes start with sdc.

Now I have to add an additional local disk volume to one or both of the
servers (for backups, used by the specific machine only).

Doing this will cause the partition labels to change: the local volumes
will be sda and sdb, the SBD will become sdc and the cluster volumes will
start with sdd.

1) Can I modify the cluster configuration, so that a cluster node knows
that the SBD is now at sdc instead of sdb? I don't want to delete and
recreate the SBD (because of question 3)).
2) Does nss / ext / evms need a configuration update, because the
partition names have changed?
3) I like to add these local disks at one machine first, and to the
second machine later on. That means that the machines will see the SBD
and cluster volumes with different partition names. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance,