So far so go good on the Mobility 2.0 after the upgrade. I just have two questions though;

The primary reason I did this upgrade was to obtain support for Windows 8 Phone and tablets. I still cannot get my tablet or phone to connect to the server giving the same error in the past mentioned in the forums ; either contact system administrator or please check information - for the tablet, or "We're having a problem connecting to "my servername". Error 80072EF3 - for the phone . Are there specific directions for the Windows 8 devices?

Activesysnc protocol version for all the users except two is still 2.5. One of those two I reinitialized and the other was a new user. Will this be upgraded automatically or do I need to reinitialize all users?

Suse Linux 11 SP2, Mobility 2.0 build 429

Thanks !