I have 2 server setup

Server 1 - GroupWise (incl. GW DMS) + Storage for Marketing Team (files, Photos, Video's etc)
Server 2 - User Home Directories, Accounts, CAD files, General Office file (non-dms)

Company wants to relocate the Marketing Teams to another location - (more Creative location !)
and Engineering needs the physical space currently occupied by the Marketing Team!


One suggestion is to move the server running GW to the new location and setup a Site-Site VPN
The engineering department only needs the Accounts, email (GW) and user files
Marketing users home files can be re-located to the Server 2 - GW
Document Management is only used by Marketing (few others but I think can be taken out of DMS and saved in the file system)
Current thinking is Bonded ADSL (using 2 x ADSL lines)

Is this realistic ?
would eDirectory work in this way ?

any gottcha's

Better suggestion ?

I'm looking for ideas...