I'm having some tftp/tntfs.ko replication issues and Novell has suggested that I make sure my satellite servers are in their own 'location', because for the network location of my satellite sites, I had a wildcard that included itself.

running zac zc -l shows me the wrong location and configuration even after running zman lrr on the primary server.

I've ensured that the site's location/network environment are correctly referencing the new info, but the sat server still sees the old information.

Is there a step I'm missing?

So, here is a rundown of what I had:

location: 03-AMBR and has (local sat server) as its main server, then the two primaries (for content)
network environment:

1) 1 minimum match
2) criteria is set on Client IP Address to include,,, (all our different VLAN/subnets for that site) and not a single one has 'match required'

Then I set my location for all my sat servers which has the following info (regarding site 03)

location: sat servers and has only the two primaries for its servers

1) 1 minimum match
2) criteria is set on Client IP Address to include all our sat servers that are 10.x.0.5

Basically, it's still keeping its location information even though I have explicitly changed the info to not reference the sat server

I hope this post comes off legible and that you understand my predicament.

thank you