Hi again: Based on a previous post, it looks like I need to move my primary ZCM server running 11.2.3a from OES2 onto SLES11 (not sure which SP yet). I do not have the luxury of a spare server so I will have to rebuild the existing primary from scratch. This will obviously require a backup of the existing primary and restore once completed. I have done this before but it is not pleasant. I have several questions regarding how I should set up the new SLES11 server and how to access the server. Here is my plan:

1. Backup the ZCM primary, including the certificates and database (we use the internal DB). I will copy the complete "content-repo" directory off of the server and onto a local workstation.
2. Remove eDir from the server. I will have to make a new DNS and DHCP server (OES versions) on a different server as these are currently on the ZCM server.
3. Rebuild the server installing SLES 11.
4. Install ZCM 11.2.3a and restrore the certs and database, then copy the content-repo directory back onto the server, change permissions as needed.
5. Once thinks become stable, upgrade to 11.2.4.

Now, since OES will not be on the new server, I will have to create a SAMBA share of some sort in order to copy the backup folders back onto the server. Do I just make a plain SAMBA share with local users or do add it to our AD domain as a BDC? The simpler the better.

In the past I have run into the issue of outgrowing the space on /var and had been forced to use sym-links to point to another partition on the server for content-repo. To avoid this, should I just create one large root (/) partition and let /var consume as much space as it needs? Or do I partition Linux with LVM so I can grow/shrink the partitions as needed?

All suggestions greatly appreciated, Chris.