Hi all: This is sort of long. I have run into an issue that only appears to effect some of our XP machines. Our xp clients all run ZCM 11.2.3a and Novell client 4.91 IR5. Servers are all on OES2 SP3.

We use folder redirection to point employee desktops and start menus to folders on a server in order to create a consistency. Different employee groups point to different folders based on their jobs. Monday evening I moved these folders to another OES2 SP3 server (I will not get into the reasons for the move) and updated the folder redirections in Group Policies (delivered via ZCM). I made sure to also give appropriate rights to the new folder locations on the server. Yesterday morning many of our XP clients could not connect to the new locations and gave an "access denied" error. The strange part is I map a windows drive to another location on this same server/volume and they can get to that folder, but drilling to the folder/volume using UNC paths in Windows Explorer gives the "access denied" error.

I opened a SR with Novell and as a test we changed the folder redirection to use IP addresses rather than the server name (i.e. \\gr11\nss1\zen... to \\\nss1\zen\...) and everything worked. Novell things we are having a "bad server cache issue" and that the server now holding the new folder redirection is being flagged by the Novell Client as "bad". As a test we turned off "bad server caching" on the client, but that did not fixed the problem.

Has anyone experienced something like this? All suggestions welcome. Chris.