OES11.1 SLES 11.2 on NFS.
We have only 3 groups in our eDir: one for everybody, one for teachers and one for students (this is a schools environment). ACL on shared folders is granted to OU trustees. The folders are organized in a subdirectory design.
We have installed FiLR 1.01.
While trying to configure Net Folders I ran into this problem:
The idea was to connect the highest folder in that hierarchy and let the ACL do the rest.
I ran into 2 problems:
- While creating Net Folders to connect to the highest folder the one volume I got my Net Folders to show as I wanted. All looked fine until I found out that on one of the sub folders user could only see the files / folders that they have created - but not the files / folders the other users have created.
- While creating Net Folders to connect to the other volume the user could not see the Net Folder at all.
Admin user can see all the folders. I have tested the connection and everything else on my Net Folders. All is as it should be. All the groups are imported by LDAP into FiLR.

I found a way around this: I connected to the lower level folders instead. That worked, but it leaves me with many Net Folders (about 64). It doesnít look so good on the users Net Folders menu as well.

I read that folder ACL based on user groups instead of OU trustees might solve the problem but that means that I have to change the design of my eDir. I am quite happy with the present design as it is simple and easy to administer.
I really would like to find a way to decrees the number of my Net Folders. I could do that by connecting to a high level on the folder structure. Any suggestions how I can make it work?