Hi all: Posted this in the Netware forum by mistake, so this is kind of a cross-port. I will soon be migrating an OES2sp3 server to OES11sp1. I have read through the migration docs but still I have a few questions I need answered/clarified. BTW, I do select the pre-migration pattern.

1. When installing OES11 on the target server, I have to give it a name and bring it into the tree. When the migration takes place, will all instances of the target server, both in OES and SLES, get renamed to that of the source server? Most notably the internal server CA_default certificate, which gets named during OES installation. Also, what about SLES config files like those found in /etc??

2. Prior to migration and docs say to create the driver store and print manager on the target server. Do I just give them a temp name as the transfer ID task will rename everything when it runs?

3. The server being migrated is our CA server. My plan was to move the CA to a different server temporarily to another OES server, and once the migration is finished, move it back. Does that seem reasonable?

Thanks, Chris.