Up until Tuesday of this last week, our Win 7 clients were logging in with no errors to our Netware/Sles servers. With no other change that we can find, the clients started failing to log in. Our environment is Edir 8.8 SP6/Netware 6.5 SP8 with SLES 10 and 11 to the latest patches. We also have Zen for Desktops in our student lab environment. So far no Active Directory but that will change in the new year. This has happened a couple times since we first introduced Win 7 over the last two years. I have read every TTP post and every forum post that has anything related to logging in from Win 7 and I can't find anything that has helped. My SLP configuration is correct. If I check a Win 7 client's Advanced properties and click on Trees, it will be blank. At the same time, if I check the same thing on Win Vista and XP, the tree shows up without error. Are there any new things that I can check that might solve this? It is just different this time in that no changes were made that would seem to cause this.

Thanks. Ellie