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Thread: Firewall Ports -- Unable to Access Vibe from Public IP Side

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    Firewall Ports -- Unable to Access Vibe from Public IP Side

    Hello All:

    Working with a newly installed Suse Vibe 3.4 installation.

    Inside the internet facing firewall all is well. The admin can access the Vibe server and login by typing the local address ( When the Vibe firewall is taken down, the admin can access the server by the local address:8080 (

    The problem is with external access.
    A Public IP is NAted to the to Private Vibe server IP's are Nat'd. Ports 80 appear to be open. I also opened port 8080. However, the admin (or any user) is unable to access the vibe server log in screen, regardless of the state of the Vibe server (Suse) firewall (on or off). When I do one of those online port scans noting appears to be listening on 80 or 8080.

    I'm thinking it is a port or filter issue. If this is the case, what internet Firewall ports are required to be open to allow communication with the Vibe Server from a browser outside the firewall? Any specific help or reference will be appreciated.

    Thank you.
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