I have a question about how bundle stats are reported, etc... when a device is given one assignment and then it's changed to something else.

When getting ready for a deployment, I test my bundle in a few VMs. Then I will push the published version to a few devices (users gone on vacation, hot/ready machines, etc...). Once I am satisfied that every seems to be going fine, I'll push my deployment out to the masses via groups, etc...

Often, some of those devices I push the published version to ahead of time are in the finial groups I use to push out to everyone. I do this by removing the assignment from the bundle for that/those devices and then I assign the (call it) "All Devices" group. I have noticed that the bundle stats for the new assignment do not reflect the successful bundle deployment/installation on those previous devices.

Since the bundle version is the same, I figure with a different assignment, the device doesn't actually reinstall the bundles, so it should just report back under the new assignment as being deployed/installed, right? Maybe I am missing something?

Thanks for your help.