How can i set (in code below) a Start and END data in webservice to create a new task entry?

Example code:

TeamingServiceSoapBindingStub stub = getStub();

FolderEntry fe = new FolderEntry();

fe.setTitle("This task entry is added via web services");

fe.setDescription(new Description(1,"Creating a task entry through web services"));

fe.setParentBinderId(new Long(47)); // My task folder ID

CustomStringArrayField[] allFields = new CustomStringArrayField[3];

CustomStringArrayField status = new CustomStringArrayField("status",

"selectbox", new String[] { "s2" });

CustomStringArrayField priority = new CustomStringArrayField(

"priority", "selectbox", new String[] { "p3" });

CustomStringArrayField completed = new CustomStringArrayField(

"completed", "selectbox", new String[] { "c030" });

allFields[0] = status;

allFields[1] = priority;

allFields[2] = completed;


long entryId = stub.folder_addEntry(null, fe, null);

System.out.println("Successfully created a task entry with ID = " + entryId);