We have some Windows 7 pro 64 bit laptops with Zen 11.2.3a that cause some intermittent issues. The main issue happens sometimes on some laptops. There is no rhyme or reason on when or which one it will hit. When the laptop boots, it is supposed to have a Dynamic Local user policy that is attached to it. Sometimes this policy will load and work like it should. Others, the user will get past the Novell Client 2 SP3 login and then get prompted with an error saying they cannot log into the realm. Usually if I clear the cache it works again for a while. These laptops connect to a wireless ap. The other desktops in this building that are wired do not have an issue at all with this. Is there something that I am missing? Will the 11.2.4 update help? I hate to introduce new issues until I resolve the one we have.

Any help would be beneficial,