I am having a strange issue. I have a VBscript that runs in the Novell Login script when users log on that maps a drive to a Windows share on our Student Management Database server. The script runs fine and maps the drive, however when you go to access the drive it says:

"K: is not inaccessible........incorrect function"

Now here is where it gets strange. On some computers logged on as the same user it works and you can access while on other computers you get the above message. I first thought it was a rights issue but being logged in as the same user on some computers it works. Another thing I found was with ZCM. We have ZCM 11.2.2 installed on our computers. On the computers that they cannot access the drive, and get the message above, if I uninstall ZCM completely I can then log in as that same user on that computer and am able to access the drive. Also if I install ZCM 10.3.2 I am able to access with that user, but as soon as I install ZCM 11.2.2 on the computer then that same user gets the above message trying to access the drive.

Has anyone ran into this or have any thing that I could look for?

Network Administrator
West York Area School District