Can anyone help? I'd love to put this project to bed and move on to the next. A working autodiscover can help my staff and my department drastically.

I have set up the correct DNS entry. I used the SRV record to point to the A name of our mobility server. I then put a wildcard certificate(* in place using the TID about doing so with Mobility.

The one issue I have is that the autodiscover/Mobility Service seems to return the Exchange Server name based on the domain name in the email address. So the user enters and auto discovery kicks in, passes through the correct username, password, but in the Exchange Server where out should be place it instead places just the domain from the email entry - - which does not resolve to our mobility server.

I tested my autodiscover setup with the recommended Microsoft test site. The site reports that it autodiscover is working, it can locate my, confirm it's SSL certificate is completely valid, and connection are allowed on port 443. It says that it is using the IP of my

Does anyone out there know how to have autodiscover from GMS 2.0 return the correct Exchange Server address to a client? Where is it getting from and returning it to my email client instead of the address of my mobility server?


If you need any more details please let me know.