I'm using OES11SP1 2 node cluster with a DEll Equalogic SAN.

Since latest update from OES11SP1 channel, i have some issue with nssmu. In /var/log/messages i have the folowing each time i launch nssmu and refresh devices.

nssmu: Error 16 from DM create ioctl (eql-4-52aed6-d6810fd83-a020000002c4fb3b_a_part1): Device or resource busy

and also kernel: [ 689.238357] device-mapper: table: 253:113: dm-84 too small for target: start=1, len=4294967295, dev_size=215040

I'm unable to enable Share for clustering on a new ISCSI LUN : Error code is 23331

I really don't understand what's happening.

Thanks for any help